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The Worst Roads in the World: What to Avoid (Part Two)


When it comes to getting our fair share of adrenalin, we certainly know how to push ourselves to the absolute limit. Well, if it’s a thrill you’re looking for, we can honestly say you don’t need to throw yourself out of an aeroplane to do it. You simply need your trusty vehicle and a strong stomach; ladies and gentlemen, here’s the next chapter of the world’s worst roads!


Vitim River Crossing- Siberia

Bridges are supposed to help us get from one side of a particularly troublesome valley, or a raging river to the other safely. The Vitim River bridge, however, proves to do just the opposite.

Once an old railway crossing (can you imagine a train traversing this monstrosity?), the crossing is made up of old, not particularly sturdy, wooden planks. It spans the great width of the Vitim River (a major tributary of the Lane River) at 600m and sits 15m high.

Rickety and a death trap during the cold, icy winter months, the crossing is only just wide enough to fit one car on its creaking timbers. It’s safe to assume this bridge has consumed a few lives in its time, which makes it an adrenalin junky’s favourite adventurous crossing.

We’re not sure about you, but we’d prefer to use the newer bridge to cross this raging river!


Shyari Road – India

You’d think, travelling to far and distant countries, you’d be able to admire the dramatic mountains and sweeping valley floors. Not on this road you don’t.

The Shyari Road in India passes through a terrifying valley of near vertical mountains. The road itself has been roughly carved into the mountain sides and dubbed the Rock Cut Road. Covered in dirty rain water after a storm, it’s difficult to find your footing on the silt covered ground, and let’s not start on the land slides.

Above all else, however, it’s other road users you need to be wary of. Buses have a tendency to zoom around this twisting road, threatening to knock you right off the jagged edge (especially since there are no safety railings!).

Atlantic Ocean Road- Norway

A stunning sea view as you steadily make your wayacross the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean Road is all in a day’s work correct? How can anything with such a picturesque name be intimidating? We’re about to tell you.

Spanning 8.3km, the Atlantic Ocean Road is a formidable track of concrete dancing among the icy ocean waves. Built over several small islands and connected by not 1, but 8 bridges, this twisting, leviathan is the perfect road for anybody wishing to take a chilly dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

While you take your driving skills to the test, we understand that you’ll need to make sure your vehicle is working efficiently, that’s why we offer quality propshaft repairs to all of our customers. For more information, contact us today on 01524 382262.

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