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Tractor Gymnastics!

When it comes to conducting our reliable propshaft repairs service, we’ve seen some sorry sights – although we do like to think that no job is too big for our team of professionals! However, the repairs we generally come face-to-face with aren’t too viciously self-inflicted, so when we watch videos of folks pushing their vehicles to the limit, we inevitably cringe a little at the thought of those poor propshafts!

When you think of people pushing their vehicles to the max you tend to envision posh soft top sports cars, maybe even the odd heavy commercial vehicle… but rarely tractors! So, we thought we would give you a look at some videos we’ve uncovered showing some of the more adventurous forms of tractor gymnastics we’ve ever had the pleasure of watching (through the gaps in our fingers).

Tractor Skills

This guy knows how to get the job done… This Swedish farmer flexes his tractor gymnastic skills to get his apples to the Greek; well, to the supermarket. Either way, it makes pretty ridiculous viewing! Watch as the seemingly rickety tractor speeds its way across fields, down highways… and through doors.

8 Year Old Stunt Driver

Check out this video! You maybe have to question the parental guidance of this child, but it makes for excellent footage. This brave little fella’ really has the X-Tractor, making those spins look easy. You have to consider though that controlling a huge tractor as an adult can often require a fair amount of effort, let alone an 8 year old doing it! Fine work, young man! Although admittedly, lifting the tractor up was a little hairy to watch!

Souped-Up Tractor Drift

Crikey… you have to feel for those tyres. This video sees a tractor pushed to its driftable limit. The bit where he nearly crushes his team mates had us cringing like the child lifting the tractor (there’s a sentence you don’t get to say often!), but their overall daring to push the vehicle to the limit still makes for pretty enthralling viewing.

The amount of effort and tenacity, as well as audacity, that these guys have is admirable. Fair play to those adrenaline seekers! This is the part where we say don’t try this at home, but we wouldn’t imagine there’d be many people who would consider such tractor gymnastics that great of an idea in the first place! However, if you find yourself attempting a backwards somersault in your vehicle and end up doing your propshaft a mischief, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals. You can contact us on 01524 382262, where we are always eager to get you and your vehicle back out on the road; although if you are 8, and therefore under the legal driving age, we reserve the right to ask questions…

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