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What’s That Noise? Sounds Like Your Vehicle’s in Trouble: Part 1

There’s nothing more concerning than when you set out on the open road and start to hear questionable noises coming from your motor that you’re sure weren’t there before. It might be something and nothing, but if there’s a racket coming from somewhere in your vehicle that lasts more than a few minutes, then it’s advised that you get it checked out.

The team at Driveline specialise in drive shaft repairs, so if there’s something afoot then it’s best to get it repaired or potentially replaced so it doesn’t end up costing you more in the long run. Often you can determine what might be the problem by listening out for certain sounds in your car.

Broken car


Hissing coming from under the bonnet of your car usually signifies that you’ve sprung a leak somewhere. This could either be coming from your cooling system or from the vacuum line. If it’s your cooling system then this can be identified by the smell of anti-freeze once you open your bonnet.

The hissing could also be because your engine has overheated, so check the temperature gauge to see if you’re in the red. If you see steam, be sure to pull over as quickly and as safely as possible and wait until the engine has cooled down before attempting to touch anything inside the bonnet.


There are a few factors that could be the cause of squealing in your car. If you find that you can hear squealing when you accelerate, this could be because your drive belts are slipping or are loose, or it could be that other driving accessories are askew.

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If the squealing occurs only when you apply the brakes, then this could be because your brake pads are worn. Wearing can be applying your brakes at whilst travelling at high speeds, or by unnecessarily over-using your brakes.


Depending on where the rattling is coming from, some causes could be more concerning than others. If a rattling noise can be heard from underneath your car, then it’s likely that there may be a hole in your exhaust or a component fault within the exhaust system.

Rattling could also indicate that something has become loose on the underside of your car which simply needs to be reattached.


A loud clunking sound whilst you’re driving could be a telltale sign that either your steering system is worn or that your brake hardware is damaged. Whichever it may be, it would be wise to get it checked out so you’re not putting yourself in danger.

However, clunking could also mean that your drive shaft is in need of repair. This can also manifest itself in a fast rattling or squeaking noise that occurs when you accelerate and decelerate but may stop when you’re on the move at higher speeds such as on the motorway.

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If it sounds like your vehicle is in need of some repairs then make sure you have your motor checked out to make sure you stay safe on the road. However, if you’re in need of prop shaft repairs, then Driveline can provide you with the replacement parts that you require. For enquiries about our services and the components we supply, then please contact us on 01524 382262 or follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

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