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The Ultimate Breakdown Survival Kit

As suppliers of quality propshafts, you may be surprised at just how many vehicles we receive which have been taken for an off-roading adventure. Many times, if you’ve underestimated just how adventurous your poor vehicle is, you may end up stranded in the middle of nowhere until help can reach you. When that happens, it’s a good idea to have packed a breakdown survival kit.

First Aid Kit, For You and Your Car

If you’ve broken down off-road it could be for a number of reasons. Perhaps you forgot to top up on your diesel or petrol or perhaps you pushed your vehicle to the limit, burst a tire, snapped your propshaft or damaged the suspension on your car. Maybe you’ve been ignoring an engine issue for some time and suddenly, out of the blue, your car decided that enough was enough. Whatever the case, depending on whether you were stationary or moving when your vehicle stopped playing ball, you or your car could be harmed.

A first aid kit for yourself is important to help strap up any bad joints or hold together any injuries until help can arrive. If the damage to your car is something you can patch together for the time being (such as a flat tire) it’s important to have the relevant tools on board.

First Aid Box

Phone and Car Charger

Just because your car is unable to move, it doesn’t mean the battery is dead. Carrying around a car charger with you will allow you to ensure your phone is fully charged when making that important call to your vehicle recovery service (or the closest mechanic!)

Beyond a phone, no matter where you’re going or how secure you’re sure your vehicle is, if you’ve decided to go off-road make sure you tell somebody where you’re going!

Smart Phone - iStock_000052028508_Medium

OS Maps

Your SatNav can only get you so far before it remembers it hasn’t updated the road systems and leads you into a supermarket instead of the start of your off-road adventure. When your SatNav no longer has your back, you can always count on the security of trusty OS Maps to set you straight again.

Whilst a road map may help you get from one town to another, if you’ve been caught off guard whilst in the middle of a forest dirt track, a more detailed OS Map will be needed to set you right.

Map Book - iStock_000006961002_Large

Emergency Kit

In the event you’re stuck in the wilderness for a good couple of hours, it’s a good idea to have an emergency kit prepared to help pass the time. Snacks and drinks are a must have when you’re stuck in the middle of a forest (especially if you don’t know how long your vehicle recovery team will take). Once you’re all fed and watered, you need to make sure you’re nice and snugly warm. A spare jumper, pair of socks and a good raincoat should all live in your vehicle (along with a blanket or two); the last thing you want is to catch a cold or worse when you’re waiting for help to arrive!

Finally make sure to pack a little game or a good book to keep you occupied!

Sudoku iStock_000005385085_Small

Once you’ve been saved from the back of beyond and the extent of the damage has been determined, make sure you get in contact with us on 01524 382262 and we’ll help you with your propshaft or driveshaft repairs. Also, if you’d like to find out the latest news and updates make sure you follow and like our Facebook page!

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